Here are some examples of what we do now:

  • Our high expectations of learning and behaviour help to secure a positive environment
  • Students and staff work well together to support community action and partnership work with organisations such as the Police, PTA and partner schools
  • We are further developing the role of student and parent ‘voice’
  • We run specific activities to help students to value each other and themselves as members of the community (for example – ‘Super Learning Days’,  ‘Be the best you can be’ and ‘School of Dreams’)
  • Our staff wellbeing group exemplifies the value we place on mutual support within our community
  • We are proud of our school, and the achievements of members of our school community; we celebrate our successes

The school development and improvement plan seeks to extend and enrich our current provision so that our aims become a deeper reality for all students, staff and members of the wider school community. The SDIP themes for 2012-15 are: Achievement for All, Growth Mindset, Literacy and Numeracy, Assessment for Learning, Professional Learning Culture, Independent Learning, Relationships for Learning and Student Leadership.  These themes have been used to plan particular areas of focus in Faculty and Subject Teams, in Year Teams and in the work of the Senior Leadership Team.  Further explanation of these themes can be found here.