Mental Health

Mental Health

Lisa Thompson gave a really helpful presentation to parents entitled ‘Supporting your young person’s wellbeing’. Over 100 parents and carers attended and were very complimentary about both the content of the presentation and style of Lisa’s delivery. I have put a link to the slideshow here – I have put some brief notes underneath the slides to hopefully help clarify, they are my notes and not Lisa’s so please forgive any errors. A number of parents and carers raised concerns about social media and Lisa has kindly sent me a useful guide to share with you – it contains some useful tips and ideas for you to try. There is also a list of resources that may interest you. Finally, I have left the slide that gives details of how to donate by mobile phone if you wish to – The Charlie Waller memorial Trust is a charity and have provided all of this to us for free.

Mental Health resources 2019
Social media and teenagers a practical approach
Supporting your young persons well being

Mental wellbeing describes your mental state - how you are feeling and how well you can cope with day-to-day life.

Our mental wellbeing is dynamic. It can change from moment to moment, day to day, month to month or year to year.

If you have good mental wellbeing you are able to:

  • feel relatively confident in yourself and have positive self-esteem
  • feel and express a range of emotions
  • build and maintain good relationships with others
  • feel engaged with the world around you
  • live and work productively
  • cope with the stresses of daily life
  • adapt and manage in times of change and uncertainty


This link will lead you to the MIND website which covers some ideas to stay mentally well and develop your ability to cope with the up and downs of life:


 Students Against Depression With the increase in reported incidents of mental ill-health in young people, a useful resource to signpost older teenagers to is the website Students Against Depression. The site offers information and resources validated by health professionals alongside tips and advice from students who have experienced it all themselves. Students against Depression offers resources young people need to find a way forward from stress, low mood, depression or suicidal thinking. 

You can access the website here: HTTP://STUDENTSAGAINSTDEPRESSION.ORG

Depression A Guide for Parents

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