Student Wellbeing

Wellbeing at Cherwell

We teach about the importance of Wellbeing as part of our curriculum in Social Wellbeing lessons. An over view of our Social Wellbeing programme can be found here:


We also utilise our assembly and tutor time to raise awareness and discuss important issues related to Wellbeing and safety. As well as our curriculum approaches there will be some students who need access to more specialist services:   We are lucky to have Kate Lay as our School Health Nurse who is very experienced and is on site every day.  She runs drop-in sessions on both sites and is also planning to have a monthly information point on South Site to inform students about things like sugar, dental health, smoking and alcohol. She is also available to support individual students with range of issues including:   

  • General Health and Wellbeing  
  • Smoking cessation 
  • Sexual Health   

Students can refer themselves to this service or be referred by a member of staff.

Contact Kate Lay:

Matt Barnard is our Lead Counsellor and is working hard to expand the Counselling Service.  We have 3 counsellors on placement who joined us this year.  Students can ask to see a counsellor parents can request this or referrals may be made by Year Leaders or their Deputies.  

Contact Matt Barnard:

Kate Greaves – Kate is our In-Reach contact for CAMHs (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services). CAMHs have recently re-organised the way they work and have a Single Point of Access (SPA). We are working together to plan how best students can be supported in school. Kate will offer staff training as well as working with individuals and groups of students on specific issues – eg exam stress.

Contact Kate Greaves:       email

                                                Telephone SPA -07796 995721

Peer Support Team – Some of our Y12 and Y13 students have undertaken a day of approved training in order to be able to confidently support Y7 and Y8 students over a range of issues. They are co-ordinated by Mr Roberts and have close contact with Matt Barnard.

Advice and Guidance for Parents and Carers

I write to parents and carers regularly with updates of current issues both in school and nationally with links to expert advice and guidance in order to support parents and carers.  

CherWellbeing Newsletter

Whether we’re in Year 7 or about to retire, we all have stories of how we have dealt with life’s challenges. CherWellBeing is a space for us to share them. Here you will find interviews and articles written by staff, students and parents as well as links to useful websites and articles by experts in the field of mental health.

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