Guidance and Support

We work closely with our partner primary schools which helps us to begin to get to know our potential students before they join us, and to prepare well for their arrival. The Head of Year 7 visits all our students in their primary schools and we organise a range of visits and joint activities in readiness for September.

As soon as we know which students will be joining us, letters of welcome are sent out to them and to their parents. These letters will be followed by other key information and invitations to our Welcome day in July for the students, and a Welcome Meeting for parents.

As a member of the school each student has the support and help of his/her Head of Year, Deputy Head of Year and Form Tutor. They monitor progress, help to sort out any problems which arise and maintain contact with parents. We believe very strongly in working closely with parents. Regular communication between home and school is vital and our Home/School Agreement sets out what we hope will be achieved through this partnership.

Our Code of Conduct has been deliberately kept simple and concentrates on courtesy, on respect for each other and our environment, on working hard and enabling others to do the same, and on sensible and self-disciplined behaviour. We have chosen not to have a school uniform, except for PE, but our dress code sets standards of appropriateness for school.

Written reports and parents’ consultation evenings provide information about each student’s progress and if we are concerned about an individual his/her parents are contacted so that we can work together to provide the necessary support. A regular newsletter is distributed to parents and invitations to school events and letters about particular issues are sent throughout the school year. They are are also displayed on our website which is updated regularly.

We are fortunate in having an active and supportive Parents’ Association (The Cherwell School Association) and all new parents are encouraged to participate in the events and activities arranged.