Chicken Project

‘The Chicken Project’ is a unique opportunity where a link is forged between Gcato School, Binfield Park, South Africa and Cherwell School. Mrs Stuart Thompson and a small group of students visited the school in South Africa and witnessing the tough conditions, found inspiration for the project. Now with a trusty team of around 20 students, our mission will help young people and their communities in areas of poverty and social deprivation.

How? There are four phases to The Chicken Project. Phase 1 means chickens can be kept in a shed for egg sales. Phase 2 introduces a second shed containing birds reared for meat sales; even more popular amongst the villagers and raises more money. With enough capital, The Chicken Project can provide phase 3, where an incubator is purchased to help with egg hatching, allowing a faster and more reliable business. Finally phase 4, the construction of a full scale industrial sized chicken shed providing long term sustainability and a thriving, successful business in poor areas.

Future Plans

The future for the chicken project is optimistic. With fundraising and conferences in various locations, we hope to raise awareness of the project’s potential.

We are working with local businesses, and mentors from Abilitynet and BT to ensure the project can reach its full potential for both schools. We hope to spark as much interest and possible sponsors from media coverage.

CURRENTLY WORKING ON: We have reached the final for a competition at Windsor Castle, and will be judged ‘dragon’s den’ style against other projects. We hope to win some of the money prize which will help fund phase 3. Wish us luck!

To find out more, or to donate, email We really hope to make a difference, so please support us!

The Chicken Project Cameroon

This brief report outlines the extension of the project into Cameroon.