Bus-Safety workshop

09:30 Tue 18 Jul 2017

It is a pilot workshop in partnership with Oxford Bus company and we plan to enhance the knowledge of students’ bike safety on the main roads of Oxford especially in relation to safety around buses. The aim of the workshop as I understand is broken down into 3 different areas:  

1)      Students will be able to view from a bus drivers perspective blind spots, this will be illustrated by students moving/riding bikes into certain areas whilst the bus is parked stationary (on south site)

2)      Students will have a tour of Oxford (15 on each bus) for around 40 minutes and the bus driver highlight all potential hazards on the way.  

3)      Also students will have the ability to sit in the instructors chair (as they are trainee buses but professional drivers) and view blind spots in real time from a bus drivers prospective.  The aim of this pilot session, is for me to gauge the value of this workshop make necessary amendments and roll out in September to all year 7 students and make it a continuous part of our transition.

Year Group(s): Year 7

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