Walking tour of Oxford to consider Elizabethan Oxford Shakespeare would have lived.

13:00 Thu 22 Jun 2017

Students will be dropped off on St Giles where we will consider Elizabethan architecture.

Move to martyrs’ cross and discuss burning of witches and Bishops. Religious turmoil.

Move to Hertford College and explain Hart Hall.  (Link to John Donne.) Oxford’s importance educationally and politically. Meeting Professor Emma Smith here to read a John Donne poem in the Quad. Significance of move from Catholicism to Protestantism and fears about succession.

Move to Oxford Castle through and passed the old city walls in Christchurch Meadow. Old jail and significant as a result of the plague and in English civil war.

Oxford Castle to St Michael’s church. Importance of the city walls and font. Return Broad street to discuss St John’s, James I and the significance of the 3 Sibyls and Macbeth

Year Group(s): Year 12

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