Year 9

LBrown Photo
CGoble Picture

Year Leader: Mr L Brown
Deputy Year Leader: Mrs C Goble

Year 9 is a busy and important year for students, as they develop academically and make decisions about courses to study at GCSE. Over the past two years the year group have been developing a range of Cherwell ‘Skills for Life’ including resilience, creative thinking, manners & politeness and initiative. Last year we focussed on involvement and stressed the importance of trying new things. It was amazing to see so many of our students involved in a range of extra-curricular activities, developing as integrated and active members of The Cherwell school community.

The focus this year is on making excellent academic progress and becoming thoughtful and responsible leaders of the South Site. We are asking students to be role models for other members of our school community and to develop even more of the Cherwell ‘Skills for Life’; aspiration, independence and making a positive contribution. There will be plenty of opportunities to develop their leadership skills which will lead towards them making informed and motivated decisions regarding their GCSE option subjects. We will be providing students and parents with plenty of information about the courses and options available at GCSE at the relevant points in the year.

It has been a privilege to lead this year group and both MrsGoble and I are looking forward to an equally successful and focused Year 9.