Year 8

LBrown Photo

CGoble Picture
Year Leader: Mr L Brown
Deputy Year Leader: Mrs C Goble

Year 8 is an important year for our students. They have established themselves at school and know the high expectations we have of them. It is a time for hard work but also plenty of fun as well.

As well as making academic progress, our aim for this year is to help students build a strong sense of identity and develop their characters by giving them opportunities to explore the life skills of resilience, determination and independence. To do this all students will be encouraged to get involved with the clubs that are on offer through our extensive extra-curricular program as well as taking part in ‘The Tenner Project’ presenting their own assemblies and taking part in interform competitions.

This year brings many exciting new opportunities for all students and we encourage them all students to ‘get involved’ and make the most out of their experience at The Cherwell School.